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Comments are welcomed and encouraged on this blog, but there are certain guidelines to be followed before submitting comments, so as to make this blog a better interactive place. So, below are the guidelines to be followed for the comments to get approved at this blog and comments submitted breaking these guidelines will not be approved.

1. Real name must be filled in the name field, failing to do so will lead to comment deletion.

2. A valid email address must be used in the email field (Your privacy is respected and your email address will not be shared).

3. A link to your site homepage/internal page should be used in the website field (*Note: Links to other sites which doesn’t belongs to you are are strictly now allowed).

4. Links are NOT allowed in the comment body.

5. Spam comments are strictly hated, we use spam filter to detect spam comments, if found they will be deleted immediately.

6. Comments such as good post, useful information, Thanks etc. are not allowed. Comments that add value to the conversation are really appreciated.

7. Comments including profanity, foul language, personal attack and offensive concepts will be deleted.

8. Comments must be relevant to the specific article/post. Irrelevant comments we will be immediately deleted.

9. Admin/Editor will edit comments if required submitted to this blog, while the meaning of the comment(s) will be unchanged and the comments will be visible after admin’s approval.

10. By submitting a comment on our blog, you agree that the comment content belongs to you and you are liable for whatsoever.

Comments have the ability to build or spoil your reputation, so do take care of your commenting strategy and make sure your comments add value to the blogging community.

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